Challenge Rules


Finish the HTML/CSS, Make A Website, and Make An Interactive Website courses on Codecademy.


Use Codepen to create a website that focuses on a way to make your school or community a better place. Think about what your school or community can benefit from. How can you help? Find a goal and make a website about it!


On August 30th, we’ll remind you to put the link to your website up on our Summer of Code Submissions thread. Find it on our SubReddit. Our users will vote up the projects they like the most.


The project with the most votes by September 7th wins! You’ll get to work with a Codecademy engineer to host your website and make it live. Bring your project to life and better your school and community with the website you created on Codecademy. Let’s work together to make it happen!


Use the #CCSummerOfCode hashtag on Twitter to chat with other learners building their sites! See what others are saying by searching the hashtag.


Find support on:

Remember to use the #CCSummerOfCode hashtag on Twitter to chat with other learners!